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" I​'ve been blessed with this small town Italian Culture and it would a shame if I didn't share it with the world "
- Lorenzo Abbatiello

I'm Lorenzo Abbatiello and I am the Modern Day Italian....

Being born 1st generation Italian to a family that ALL comes from a small town in the countryside of Naples has been the greatest gift god has given me. From a young age I've traveled to Italy and experienced life as an American and as an Italian. 

I consider myself the next wave of Italians here in America making an impact on the world, as did the previous waves, which have accomplished so much. Most particularly in the New York/North East area, where I reside.

The world is so different today and it's refreshing to stay true to traditions and cultures of the past. At the same time modernizing them into today's standards.

From the language to the lifestyle, I've always connected deeply to the Italian culture and as I grew older I began to incorporate this passion into my work. My work is spread into a few categories, but I always bring it back to the reason many Italians are successful and that is Hospitality!



Sydney Dunham Peverly

3 Trips to Italy and 4 Documentaries later, Sydney has been my ride or die videographer and photographer. His passion and skills are unparrallel and he loves diving two feet in to all the authentic experiences we tackle.

Adriana Piccolino

Winner of Miss Italia Rhode Island, Adriana is spearheading the Handmade and Apparel Division of MDI. Her passion for Italy is what connected us and her sense of Italian style is natural. No better person to take on this role!



Nonna is the driving force and inspiration to much that I do. She is the glue that keeps the traditions alive, but most imnportantly my teacher to learn more about the old world!

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